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Who is Inventive Engineering Solutions?

Inventive Engineering Solutions is a mechanical-engineering consulting & services-provider specializing in machine design, hydraulics, and testing. Our skills include drive-systems incorporating single vane, dual vane and helical hydraulic rotary actuators; SAE and involute splines; roller chain, leaf chain, wire rope, sprockets, sheaves and anchors. We design complete hydraulic systems incorporating cylinders, flow controls, valves, pumps and motors. We are experienced designers of torsion bars and maintenance free, load bearing pin and bushing joints. We design specialized testing equipment which is used for customer examination and investigation. We have experience serving as an expert witness within our areas of expertise.

Inventive Engineering Solutions is a small business founded by Mr. Kevin Johnson. Mr. Johnson's industry experience includes over thirteen years working for truck equipment and construction OEM's and four years working for a University in research and development. Mr. Johnson has held positions ranging from Test and Design to Hydraulic Analyst and Chief Engineer. Mr. Johnson worked as a Chief Engineer for over twelve years designing, developing, testing and implementing changes to existing products and developing new products for truck equipment. Mr.Johnson's background includes tractor, engine, alternate fuels, raw emissions and air-flow testing.